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FAQ's - The Irish Freedom Committee™


The Irish Freedom Committee™ is a Nation-Wide, U.S.-Based, registered Not-For-Profit organization devoted to education on the root causes of the war with Britain, and the support of Irish political prisoners imprisoned as a result of British military occupation of Ireland.  We do not endorse any political party in Ireland, but remain strong proponents for International scrutiny into ongoing British War Crimes in Occupied Ireland and against Irish nationals living in Britain and in the Free State.  We are a thriving and growing community of hundreds of concerned activists across the United States who want to make a difference.  Read our Mission Statement.  

The Irish Freedom Committee™ places Education at the forefront of all we do.  It is our firm belief that only through a better understanding of the root causes of the war with Britain, and the exposure of ongoing and unresolved Human Rights abuses against Irish Nationals, that the TRUTH about British occupation of Ireland will emerge in the public eye.    We are building an Irish History database, with links to a Bibliography and Recommended Reading for further study.   We strive to bring you breaking news and commentary through our IFC NewsList; where we also alert you to the ongoing crisis for Irish Republican Political Prisoners.  We additionally bring you daily news updates from Ireland on our Live News page.  We host Community Events throughout the year in some of the areas where we are located.  We also initiate National Campaigns to better address issues or situations needing Community support.  

The Irish Freedom Committee™ opposes the so-called "Good Friday Agreement" because we maintain that it is a British document designed solely to strengthen the Border and reaffirm British rule in Ireland.  As a prerequisite to the promised "Peace", the Irish people were asked to change the Irish Constitution; amending the wording of Articles 2 and 3 to surrender the Constitutional claim to the Six Counties.  The Irish people were promised "Peace" in exchange for a "Yes" vote to the Treaty-- and since then have seen only more sectarian violence and state-sanctioned murders; including the burning alive of the three Quinn boys and the assassination of noted civil rights attorney Rosemary Nelson.   This newest of British Treaties is in actuality a "Pacification Process", with former republicans taking seats in a hated British puppet government Stormont-- accepting the Queen's shilling in exchange for their role in better administering British rule in Ireland.  Read more

Following the signing of the 1998 Stormont Treaty,  hundreds of prisoners held on political charges in Ireland and Occupied Six Counties were released unconditionally; under the assumption or tacit agreement that they would support this new Treaty.  Once the terms of the Treaty were imposed,  any act of resistance to British military rule was criminalized.  All prisoners subsequently arrested on political charges would henceforth be denied Political Status-- and in the case of POWs at Maghaberry in the Occupied Six Counties, be housed individually amongst Loyalist paramilitary prisoners; who have brutally beaten several of them and have recently delivered a written death threat against any Irish Republican housed at Maghaberry.  There are currently over 70 Irish Republican Political Prisoners housed in Irish and British jails needing our continuing support.  Read more.

Media spin is routinely applied when the subject is "Northern Ireland".  If you read your news from a major Metropolitan newspaper, or get it from the radio or TV, you are almost certainly going to hear that the ongoing war in the North of Ireland is a "religious war".  This is a patent fabrication, purely designed to justify a continuing British military presence in today's Ireland.  Britain has used this tactic all over the world, anywhere she has sought to sow the seeds of Colonial Rule.  In point of fact, Irish Republicanism was founded by Protestants; and throughout Irish history Irish Presbyterians and Protestants have been at the vanguard of resistance to British Rule-- most notably by Theobald Wolfe Tone, the Protestant founder of the principles from whence we take our inspiration; who strove to "Break the connection with England, the never-ending source of all political evil".  Ask yourself-- if it's a "religious war", why aren't Irish Republicans fighting for religion??  The "religion" card is a smokescreen to direct the eyes of the world away from the real issues of resistance to British military occupation.  The war with Britain is in actuality a struggle for Human Rights; a struggle against ongoing military occupation, 24-hour surveillance, police oppression, state-sanctioned murder, and the criminalization of the pursuit of Freedom and Justice in a 32-County All-Ireland Republic.

As a concerned individual, there is a lot anyone can do without a great deal of effort.  The Irish Freedom Committee™ maintains an ACTION REQUEST page, with suggestions on how YOU can make your voice heard on behalf of appalling loss of basic human rights to Irish Political Prisoners.  All it takes is an email, letter, or telephone call-- because of the fact that public opinion is measured demographically against the sum total of the population, one voice can make a tremendous difference.

GET INVOLVED!!!  The Irish Freedom Committee™ is currently forming new chapters in several parts of the United States -- maybe in your area!  Write to us for our InfoPacket, which contains more information about who we are and what we do; as well as Membership Information.  Get your The Irish Freedom Committee™ Membership Card today!



Last Updated: 06 May, 2007

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