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Please don't delay - this Treaty has now been slated for hearings on SEPTEMBER 7th 2006.  Please immediately contact members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee with your concerns  - if you are a constituent in a state with a Senator on the FRC your help is especially needed!  More info here

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1. Copy and paste the letter below to a Word or other document. 
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3. Add your name and address to the bottom of the letter.  Print your letter Black ink.
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5. Please MAIL or HAND DELIVER your letters ASAP - don't email, emails are often not read by the Senator's staffers. 
6. Follow up with a PHONE CALL regarding your letter and ask what the Senator has decided.  BE PERSISTENT!!!  The phone calls and letters DO MATTER -- they are taken very seriously by elected officials.

- - - - Sample Letter - - - -

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Dear Senator _____________;

I am writing to you today as an active voter and as an American citizen who is deeply concerned that the rights that I and so many other Americans hold so dear are in danger of being permanently and irretrievably eroded at the behest of a foreign government.


I am referring to the proposed US-UK Extradition Treaty [Treaty  Doc. 108-23] which the British government is making an extraordinary effort on Capitol Hill to rush into US law.


I am alarmed that the US Constitution and the rights of American citizens to a fair trial are being swept aside to abide by pressure from the British government to reciprocate on a Treaty that neither its own Parliament, nor its own citizens, were privy to vote on.


This Treaty allows for Americans to be forcefully extradited to, and imprisoned by, Britain -- a foreign nation with no Bill of Rights.  Furthermore, the British record of gross human rights and judicial abuses in Ireland speaks volumes for what extradited Americans would face under this appalling treaty.  The British record on human rights and ‘fair’ trials speaks for itself with documented collusion between its security forces and loyalist paramilitary organizations in the North of Ireland; mass internment of innocent civilians without trial; rampant forensics doctoring; Diplock military-style, no-jury courts; extra-judicial execution by security forces; documented torture of political prisoners in British jails; and world-renowned cases of persons falsely accused and knowingly imprisoned by Britain for decades.


Furthermore this Treaty unnecessarily expands on the existing 1986 Supplemental Treaty in removing the political exemption clause, leaving this US-UK Extradition Treaty open to abuse in unfairly targeting American on account of their race, creed, nationality or political opinion.

Senator ___________ I am appealing to you to stand fast and to uphold the ideals of the United States of America as a land where the oppressed of the world have come, perhaps your own forebears included, to escape the political or military oppression of a tyrannical foreign government.

Please do not sign your name to this horrific and anti-American document. Please at the very least allow time for a proper and in-depth examination of the ramifications of this draconian British Extradition Treaty. To sign this Treaty into law would be the death knell of freedom in America, and the ushering in of British rule in the United States once again.

Yours very sincerely;




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